Mahex’s History

Sari Tarabar Mahan Company brand by Mahex has started its activity in March 2014 with the aim of providing effective solutions and services to the country’s logistics industry. In this regard, from the beginning of its establishment, Mahex has always tried to play its role in creating an efficient system to improve the quality of services and effective indicators in the country’s logistics industry based on scientific backing and practical experience.

Sari Tarabar Mahan Company (Mahex), while paying attention to the principle of customer service, has always tried to provide a satisfactory customer base by designing specific logistical solutions and flexibility in the delivery of services, relying on the expertise of domestic experts. It focuses on creating added value for all stakeholders in the organization. Examples of this important are design, construction and commissioning of the first mechanized processing storeroom in the country with the great efforts of the young experts of this canvas and the knowledge production and all stages of its design and implementation have taken place by Iranian experts.

Currently, Sari Tarabar Mahan Company is in the form of a widespread domestic and foreign network, supporting the air force, ground fleet and advanced facilities of the day as well as having an experienced, trained and skilled team with representation in different cities of the country, trying to provide the best, reliable and fastest shipping service. The agents of this complex have always tried to improve their experience in the transportation industry, using modern software and hardware technology, mechanizing equipment, and increasing the distribution and collecting channels as well as distributing coverage throughout Iran play a role in advancing the industry in the country.

Facilities and Equipment’s

3,000 Square meters of office space in Tehran and 1,500 square meters in the country

10,000 Square meters of cargo warehouse space in Tehran and 5,000 square meters nationwide

Construction and installation of an industrial automation system with an infrastructure of 1600 square meters for the first time in the Middle East by domestic experts

Direct and special access to airport terminals throughout the country

Scattering of distribution centers in all provinces of the country

Ability to distribute in more than 200 locations in the country based on provincial distribution network

Utilization of GPS equipment to track and control the fleet's momentum

Utilization of ground and air fleets with more than 200 vehicles interurban and intercity transfers fleet


Transport Fleet


Covered Points


Branches Nationwide


Transportation On the day

Some Benefits:

– Create instant reports
– Avoid goods damaging
– Create control system with advanced microprocessors
– reduce direct and indirect costs of packets distribution
– Measuring package dimensions with the aid of infrared sensors
– Automatic and accurate measurement of package weight
– Follow all distribution standards principles of distribution centers
– Multipurpose intelligent system to detect faulty systems


So far, in all postal companies, the distribution of operational processes, such as the processing and categorization of goods, has been carried out uncommonly and with the help of unprofessional and basic equipment. The only use of force in implementing operational processes can increase the possibility of errors in these processes, and it includes effects such as full dependence on this factor for work, reduced service speed, and lack of optimal use of operational space.

Customer affairs unit

The customer affairs department of Mahex Company is formed at the same time as the company started its operations. At first, it only registered customer orders and announced the status of the posted items to customers. Gradually, due to the importance of organizing and processing customer requests and facilitating communication between customers and the relevant principles as well as the need to improve the quality and quantity of their requests, the activities of the community have expanded.
So that at the present time, the customer affairs department of Mahex Company, composed of well-trained and expert experts, is ready to respond to customers in the following areas:

1. Register customer orders and provide information about sending items to different cities
2. Provide a report on the status of the items to general and legal customers
3. Submitting requests, suggestions and complaints of customers in the form of integrated and multimedia system and handling them
4. Hold periodic surveys to receive and record customer feedback in order to improve the level of service and customer satisfaction
5. Implementation of customer loyalty campaigns among general and legal customers

Some Customers