Internal Postal Services

Economic Service

This service is suitable for transportation of non-urgent and heavy goods or for more economical shipping, through all modes of transportation to anywhere in the world.

Express Service

All customers, whether general or legal, can register their applications by calling the corporate registration unit and on the same day, after completing the package from the door of the transmitter’s home or delivery company, after the receipt of the package, Mahex colleagues will submit delivery receipt along with standard packaging, All packets are delivered from the city to the warehouse of cargo processing

Flash Express Service

This service is available for immediate packaging by accepting cargo in a 24-hour period at the company’s sales offices located at the airports of the country. It is worth mentioning that this service can be done in either door-to-door mode, as well as the door of the house collection and delivery at the destination airport.

Extra Service

01 . Tracking System

Online: When it comes to monitoring the status of items for customers in the form of 24 hours, Mahex provides the ability to interact with the virtual platform. Customers can be informed of the latest status of the item at any time by visiting the company’s website address and entering the bill number or package number.

By phone: All customers can contact the customer affairs department for information on the status of their dealings or other necessary coordination after they have been sent, in all days and hours.

02 . Special Supplies Carriage

Mahex Company by providing innovative and effective solutions for delivery services for the transportation of specific goods has been trying to satisfy customers and meet their needs. The company is well-trained with the use of trained employee with accredited certificates for the transport of hazardous goods, packaging. The company has been continually trying to improve the quality of services and complying with standards in order to satisfy the customers’ satisfaction and trust.

03 . Charge Collect

The purpose of this service is to meet the needs of customers (senders) who wish to receive sending cost at destination from the recipient. In this service the sender undertakes that if the recipient refuses to pay the postal cost, the company, return the sent item to the sender and pay the shipping costs of the postal service. Due to the lack of acceptance of air companies and restrictions on the security of flights, dangerous goods, liquids and cargo of unconventional weight and dimensions are not subject to aftercare services. Aftercare services are only applicable to conventional and non-hazardous shipments that have a suitable size and weight with the desired service, and for this purpose, coordination with the company must be carried out.

04 . Packing

The proper packaging has a significant role in increasing the safety factor of the sent items. The Mahex Company with the help of specialist employee and the use of day-to-day knowledge of packaging services for various types of goods provides its clients with a highly specialized and international standard service. In this regard, we mention to package special goods such as hazardous goods, corrosive substances, drugs and radioactive substances, etc.

05 . Insurance

Sending items without damage or loss is one of the most basic tasks of shipping companies. Nevertheless, all of Mahex’s customers can use optionally the insurance based on the value of their package contents by using the company’s expert advice. In this case according to the rules and regulations, if the sent item is damaged or missing in the process of carriage, the compensation is paid by the insurer based on the value stated by the customer and confirmed by the value of the insurer.

06 . Call Center

If you request to send a packet from any city of Iran to other parts of our vast country or beyond the geographical boundaries, you can submit your application to the Mahex center by calling the internal and external order registration department. The whole effort of Mahex is to provide the services with the least need for direct tracking for the customer. However, in order to assure them and respond to other relevant needs, you can follow online tracking on the site as well as calling your local online dialer “Tracking Items” along with online tracking on the site, after contacting Mahex. Our partnership will be responsive with correct understanding your needs.

Customized Services

Returns requested documents

Companies that require authentication or receipt of documents, such as a copy of identification documents, expired insurance certificates, receipts from the company’s specific confirmation receipt, survey forms, etc. from the recipient of their own shipments can use this service

Distribution at given time interval

Some organizations and companies require distribution of items at specific times due to special circumstances. Providing this service requires experience and planning, as well as having the right infrastructure and facilities. By providing all of these items, Mahex can distribute items to the specified hours in the customer’s timeframe. It should be noted that the possibility of providing this service has only been provided in Tehran

(Cash On Delivery (COD

Today, raising customer confidence is one of the priorities of businesses, which has a significant role in increasing their sales. Receiving costs from customers at the same time as delivering goods at the destination is one of the services provided by the moon to reach this goal

Deployed branch services

Mahex can be tailored to meet the needs of companies and organizations by deploying manpower, logistics equipment and services, including packaging, issuing electronic billing, processing and posting at the requesting location from the customer. Obviously, this service will reduce the cost of the supply chain of business organizations