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Why Mahex?

Certainly, one of the most important issues that distinguishes the service from other competitors is the speed and quality of its services. The extensive network of collecting and distributing this company with active presence and branches throughout Iran is ready to serve the countrymen.

Shipping ءethods

Ground / Air Transport / Shipping


Trailer / Isuzu / Mazda pickup truck
Pick-up Zamyad / Pick-Up Pride / Boxer’s Motorcycle

Payment Methods

Charge Collect
Cash On Delivery

Send loads around the world

Advanced load transfer equipment in warehouse

Modern and advanced packaging


Transport Fleet


Covered Points


Branches Nationwide


Transportation On the day

           Cargo Services

Express Flash Service

This service is available for immediate packaging by accepting cargo in a 24-hour period at the company’s sales offices located at the airports of the country. It is worth mentioning that this service can be done in either door-to-door mode, as well as the door of the house collection and delivery at the destination airport.

Express Service

After registering the customer’s request by the ordering unit on the same day, the educated will receive the package from his / her home / company and deliver the packets to the warehouse of cargo processing.

Economic Service

This service is suitable for transportation of non-urgent and heavy goods or for more economical shipping, through all modes of transportation to anywhere in the world.

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